As market leaders in innovative new products, we're constantly developing new styles that offer a unique and contemporary finish to meet the demands of an ever changing lifestyle experience. Fusion is an extraordinary beautiful product exclusive in the UK to DECO GLAZE. Enhance your project with our Fusion, a luxury ecological product made entirely from 100% recycled glass.

The fused chips of glass and glass compound create spectacular 3D effects to add modern sophistication to all spaces. You can even illuminate your splashback or worktop with our DecoGlow LED Back lighting panels, allowing the uniqueness of the product to shine through. Easy to maintain, it overcomes the issue of discoloured grout that may occur with other products.

  • Glass Thickness - Varies from 20 to 22mm
  • Sheet size - 1200mm x 2400mm / 1400mm x 2800mm
  • Recommended Use - Splashbacks, Worktops, Desktops, Wall Cladding, Furniture Cladding, Furniture Door Fronts, Bar Tops
  • Manufacturing Process - 99% recycled materials, no glue, resin or chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process. The glass cannot be toughened due to the recycled glass being used and the manufacturing process bubbles and other imperfections are likely to be present in the glass.
  • Durability - Glass cannot be toughened
  • Scratches - Can easily be repaired
  • Resistance - Non porous, stain, acid, chemical and water resistant
  • Lighting - Fusion can be used with or without DecoGlow, our LED lighting solution
  • Buying Options - Deco Glaze complete survey and installation service, supply only or collection from the Deco Glaze factory
  • Lead Time - 10-15 working days lead time
  • Samples - Cost £20.00 + VAT each

  • Iceberg

  • Chasm

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