Yes. DECO GLAZE™ Colour Coating is guaranteed to adhere to glass and is unaffected by steam and most caustic agents. All glass in this situation is toughened for safety to meet British standards.

No, they cannot.

Yes, we provide 2 standard samples free of charge once an order has been placed. Each sample thereafter is charged at £4 + VAT. As we only deal with Trade, we only provide samples when requested by our trade customers.

No. Our paint is so opaque that it is difficult to get even light to shine through it. However it is important to use silicone supplied by DECO GLAZE otherwise other products may react with the paint finish.

You can clean the glass with any regular glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

The glass is installed using a neutral cure silicone and the perimeter is sealed. We will always attempt to produce the glass in as large a piece as possible to minimise the number of joins.

Please see technical specifications of each product as sheet sizes vary depending on the product and sheet thickness.

Our lead-time for Full Service is 7-15 working days (excluding Saturday and Sunday and Public Holidays) from agreement of final price. This is based on current average workloads. Site Survey is normally undertaken within 5 working days of placing your order.

No, DECO GLAZE Colour Coating is guaranteed to adhere to glass and is unaffected by steam, boiling water and heat. The glass is toughened where needed, for example a splashback behind a hob. Toughened glass – also sometimes referred to as tempered glass – is up to four times stronger than ordinary annealed float glass. If broken, it disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are unlikely to cause serious injury.

DECO GLAZE has Classic colours, metallic and sparkle colours. Black and Metallic colours are not recommended as worktops due to the thickness of the glass. Black or Metallic worktops requests will come with a mandatory disclaimer, which must be signed.

The glass can be installed over almost any surface, for example: tiles, plaster board, paintwork, MDF. The wall needs to be level and free from any protrusions, flaky plaster and dust.

• A Proposal produced from drawings or written measurements for Full Service enquiries • Site Survey for final measuring • Opticlear colour-coated glass with polished edges all round glass, toughened where needed • National Installation Service (including sealing of edges with sealant)

Opticlear glass is ‘low iron’ and the most transparent glass available. This means any colour can be achieved. Regular ‘clear’ glass has a higher content of iron, which gives the glass a green tint; therefore only certain colours can be achieved using ‘clear’ glass.

We give a written 10-year guarantee on paint discoloration and delamination, and a 12-month guarantee on installation.

We recommend that the glass splashback finishes in line with the end of your wall cabinets. We recommend a standard industry overhang of 20mm on your worktops. A worktop depth of 60mm should be planned to allow for hob and sink cut outs to have at least 50mm at both the front and rear of the finished cut out (aperture).

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